Jinshanling Great Wall is a section of Great Wall which famous for its hiking activity. Less crowded than Badaling and Mutianyu, Jinshanling also offer its real original features of Ming and Qing Dynasty Great Wall, less renovation. Jinshanling can be reached approximately 2 hours drive out of Beijing, then after that you could exercise your hiking skills there. Hiking from Jinshanling to Simatai is the favorite among foreigner hiking lovers who come to Beijing and want to experience the adventure Great Wall Hiking. Known as one of the Wild Great Wall, Jinshanling not only offer its great wall of china tours but also stunning views all year round, in different season.
Jinshanling Great Wall Tour
Spring in Jinshanling Great Wall
Throughout the spring months (April to May) temperatures in Beijing rise quickly day to day. It is the time when people say goodbye to the cold weather in winter and welcomes warm weather in spring. The trees and grass have just start to grow and turns greens, the blossom of flowers are also add the beauty of Jinshanling Great Wall surroundings.
Summer in Jinshanling Great Wall tour
Summer months in Beijing (June to August) are long and hot with plenty of rainfall. A short excursion to Jinshanling Great Wall is the best deal. Because Jinshanling located little bit far from the downtown then the temperature here at least reach five degrees cooler than the capital. Summer might be the best time to hike Jinshanling Great Wall. Hikers could wear comfortable hiking clothes with good walking shoes, waking poles. Take plenty of water and enjoy the best scenery/landscape views along the Wall.
Autumn in Jinshanling Great Wall
Autumn months in Beijing (September to October) is perhaps a pleasure time to travel when there is plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures. It also will be count when hiking on Jinshanling. Almost all the vegetation areas around Jinshanling Great Wall will turns into the red, yellow or gold. Hikers should wear warmer clothes since up on Jinshanling, the weather will be cooler than the city.
Winter in Jinshanling Great Wall
Winters in Beijing (November to March) are cold and dry. Be sure to wear wool sweaters and thick down coats for winter. Jinshanling will look so quiet, solemn and even elegant when winter comes. But because this section hiking trail is rather steep and narrow in some parts with less renovation, visitors are not recommended for hiking it after snow. Even though the views after snow on Jinshanling are really attractive, but the hiking trail would be very slippery after snow.